LED Par Lamps

  • LED Gimble Downlight Kits
  • LED GU10 Downlight Kits
  • LED MR16 Downlight Kits
  • LED Light Bulbs
  • LED GU10 Downlights
  • LED Non Swivel Downlights
  • LED Light Panels
  • LED Tube Lights
  • LED Flood Lighting
  • LED-Office-Lighting

Our LED Par Lamps and LED Spot Lights are ideal for stage and outdoor lighting. LED par & spotlights have varied uses like courtyards, parks, garden features, advertising boards, buildings or anywhere that bright lighting is needed. LED spotlights come in a range 7watts to 12watts in cool white with a light output of 420 and 800 Lumens respectively. These lights are long lasting, create no audible buzz sound, and are mercury free that does not require special disposal handling. They are shock, and vibration resistant and do not emit any ultra violet radiation.