100W LED High Bay Light

100W LED High Bay Light


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Product Specifications

Replaces 350 Watts
Power Usage 100 Watts
Light Output 8,000 Lumens
Fitting Australian Plug
Voltage 240V Australian Plug
Size 420 x 581 mm
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Cost Saving

*Please note capital costs and maintenance costs are not included in this electricity savings calculator. They will make your potential savings even greater calculated over the lifetime of the LED lights of 10 years.

Product Details

100W LED High Bay Light replaces a 350 watts with a power usage of 100 watts and a light output of 8,000 Lumens. This LED Light comes in Australian Plug and 240V Australian Plug voltage with 420 x 581 mm All our LED lights come with a 2 Year warranty standard.

Cost Savings

  • Saves up to 70% on Power consumption
  • Lasts up 5 Times longer than conventional Lighting
  • Lower maintenance costs as there are no Globes to replace
  • LED lasts up to 50,000 Hrs
  • Instant On after paoweer outage
  • 2 Year Warranty


  • LED high bay lights use up to 70% less power than Metal halide lights. l
  • Lighting makes up a significant portion of the overall power bill for most business

  • The light from LED is crisp and has better color rendering index (CRI) than most standard metal halide lights,
  • The light is also flicker free for better working conditions
  • Longer lasting
  • LED high bay lights can last up to 6 times longer than metal halide.
  • As high bay lights typically require access equipment to replace and maintain,
  • less replacements means less downtime and even greater saving

  • LED high bay lights are at maximum light intensity only seconds after they are switched on,
  • They don't require the lengthy warm up time of metal halide light.
  • Conventional HID lights also take up to 15 minutes to cool down once they are switched off before they can be switched on again.
  • LED high bay can be switched of and then straight back on, No more delays in the event of momentary power interruption

  • LED high bay lights reduce your energy consumption and carbon emissions saving your money whilst also saving the environment