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Welcome to LED Lighting Products Australia

LED Lights are the most cost effective and energy efficient way to save your electric bill and our planet. Our LED Lights create less heat & less carbon emissions which in turn saves you up to 90% of your lighting costs. At LED Lighting Products Australia we stock only the best quality Australian approved LED lighting solutions.

Our range of LED lighting range includes: LED Gimble Downlight Kits, GU10 LED Downlight Kits, LED Complete Gimble Downlight Kits, LED GU10 Downlights, LED MR16 Downlights, LED Light Bulbs, Tube Lights, Oyster Lights, Par Lamps (Flood Lamps), Panel Lights, LED Office Lighting, LED Commercial Lighting, LED Flood Lighting and LED Lighting Products Lights Range

Benefits of Switching to LED

LED lights last up to 50,000 hrs or ten years with heavy usage.

They emit no UV light.

Produce very little heat therefore reducing cooling costs.

LED lights can be retro fitted into most standard fixtures.

Produce no audible buzz sounds.

Are mercury free and do not require hazardous waste disposal.

Shock and vibration resistant.

About Us

LED Lighting Products Australia are an online reseller of quality LED lighting for the home and office.

Our speciality is LED Lighting products only, therefore allowing us to pass on not only the benefits of efficient lighting solutions but major savings towards your electricity bills. Our LED lighting products are Australian certified and are of the highest quality LED components. We believe we can save you up to 50% on selected LED lighting products compared to our competitors.

When making the change to LED’s we need to shift our thinking from the idea that light bulbs are a low quality ‘throwaway’ item. High Power LED’s are very high quality, robust, attractive appliances that give light. Think of them more as you would a light fitting because in many cases they will last just as long.